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Have you heard yourself say this?

I spend thousands on advertising and I don’t know which ads worksales manager
I have a website and social media, so why am I not getting sales from them?marketing
My advertising budget is a black hole of magazines and trade eventsowner
I tried that web stuff, it didn’t work. We get by on word of mouth.founder

– it really doesn’t have to be that hard!

Enter your details below and we’ll get started. We can show you how to use traditional marketing to understand your ideal customer. Then we’ll look at the right online tools for you. We can make sure that your budget is optimized to bring you more sales. And we’ll show you how well it is working at any point, and fine tune it to get the best results possible. 

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Simply fill in your details in the short form below and tell us a bit about your business today, and where you’d like to be.

Then, we’ll get started. We’ll take a look at your website, social media, and competition. We’ll then give you our expert recommendations on how you can increase sales from your online channel. This part is totally free!

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What will you get?

We’ll give you at least three recommendations on how to immediately increase your online sales. We’ll look at:

Stand Out Search

Get our top recommendations on small changes that you can make to appear higher up the search rankings.

Target Your Fans

We’ll show you how your presence and paid advertising can be incredibly cost effective at driving more sales from your social pages.

Find Proven Tactics

We’ll let you know what your competition are doing in your space, and how your customers are responding.

Increase Sales

Get our expert advice on how to improve your page layout and copy, using proven psychology, to increase your online sales.

Augment (v): to make greater by adding; increase

Who are we?

We are a brand new marketing agency – set up to bring all of our big-company experience to improve the online results of small and medium sized businesses.

You can think of us as a small addition to your marketing department – there when you need us, but not when you don’t!

Our founder, Andy Borthwick, has spent 15 years in technical and management roles for mega-companies like Procter & Gamble and CVS Health – as well as leading IT for small companies like Andor Technology. He has lately been freelance consulting in the public sector, including designing a social media platform for the Northern Ireland government.

Now, we want to bring all of that experience to help the SME sector get short term results that really make a difference.


Since Andy has been involved, he has completely replaced our website and social media pages, and we have seen our engagement online go up 10xJohn Hunter, Ballymoney RFC

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What’s next?

As soon as you get in touch, our experts will see it in the priority inbox and get working straight away. We’ll send you our initial feedback within a week, and normally within 48 hours.

This document is yours, completely for free. You can share it with your web teams for action. If you want, we can also set up a call to talk through what we have learned.

From there, if there’s something you’d like us to take on, we would of course love to talk further.

Our Promise

This review is 100% free. But we find that in digging into your business, there are things that we can do quickly that get real results, fast. So if you want to work with us, that’s brilliant. But if not, or not now, that’s not a problem either.

Also, we appreciate your contact information is private. We’ll never pass on your information to another party without your express consent.