Get more consulting customers online


Want more online leads for your consulting business?

If you’re running a consulting business, there’s a solid framework that you should be looking at to get more customers online, and really drive the enquiries to come to you.

get more consulting customers

Customer Offer

First, look at your main customer offering – what is the main thing that you are offering to customers? What do they get from it? Can you say “we do xxx so that you yyyy”? Who are your typical customers? Are they in a certain age range, is there a company size that typically comes to you for help?

Then, think about their emotional journey, to help you describe what you can do for them.  What are their starting pain points? How do they feel? How does that change? How long does it take? What do your best customers do more than the others?

  • It’s definitely worth spending time reviewing this first, so that you do everything else from the customer’s point of view.
  • Always think about designing for their benefits, rather than describing the activities.


Next, think through your sales funnel – it’s a pretty big leap to go from a cold email reach out to a full consulting package. How can you get more warm leads and step that up along the way? You should be able to get a sale from at least one out of every three calls / coffees you take, if they know what you offer already. So a sample sales funnel might look like:

  • Ad on facebook / linkedin / google ads (depending on where your customer exist)
  • Sign up to your website to receive a free e-book (e.g. converted from a good blog post)
  • Offer a free webinar (can be live or recorded) with the outline of a framework
  • Or schedule a free 30 min call with you to talk about their business
  • Send a proposal, and follow up.

(and the good news, 99% of that can be automated easily!)

Web site

Last, optimise your web site – three parts:

  • Core design – a modern theme with consistent colouring, fonts, and styles. This is where you have your “about us” page, your blog, and testimonials with videos and images.
  • Content marketing – sharing your blog entries on social media, reaching out to other websites for referral links, and generally doing all of the “free” things to get you more organic traffic
  • Landing page(s) – the specific pages that you send out by advertising or email, which focuses purely on taking the next step on the journey (with no other distractions!). These have details of the next offer, the benefit to the customer, some testimonials for that offer, and some more description of exactly what’s there – plus the call to action (e.g. signup form)

What do you think of that framework? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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